A definitive edition for modern Operating Systems!

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan enhancement project! Any kind of copyright infringement is not intended and downloads provided on this page were NOT uploaded by the creator of this website. We love Croc and this is our way of expressing it, giving others who want to enjoy the game to the fullest extend a chance for doing so.

What is this project about?

Simply put: This is Croc - Legend of the Gobbos in its best possible form! Fully working on modern operating systems, no extra tweaks, patches or workarounds needed!
You've probably tried to run the old exectuables and ran into a few issues like controllers not being recognized, graphics not showing correctly, music not playing, some cutscenes not starting or in general no modern resolution being support out-of-the-box. Well, this enhanced version of Croc fixes all that!
This version of Croc is made and distributed by crocguy0688, Website by EpicLPer.


Screenshots (V1.3.0 and newer)

Older Screenshots (V1.2.0 and prior) can still be found HERE.


Is there no analog controller support?
Analog Controller Support has been added!

Where is the savegame/config stored?

Can I run the game from a portable location?

My controller isn't working, what can I do?

I have another question not listed here!


Release Date Version Size
Windows Installer x64 V1.3.0 193MB
Linux x64 V1.3.0 193 MB
---- Old Versions ----
Windows Installer x64 V1.2.0 193 MB
Linux x64 V1.2.0 193 MB

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